Home Gardener Crowned Champion with Massive 44-Pound Cabbage, Makes History

Home Gardener Crowned Champion with Massive 44-Pound Cabbage

According to the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Jenny Bourg achieved a record-breaking feat by cultivating a Sapporo Cabbage from seed, starting in July 2023. The astonishing outcome, with a weight of 44.115 pounds and a circumference of 7’2″. In the heart of suburban tranquility, where green lawns and neatly tended flower beds were … Read more

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The allure of a pine tree is undeniable. Their stately presence, evergreen embrace, and fragrant needles weave a tapestry of timeless beauty. But for those yearning for a touch of majesty without the burden of high maintenance, fret no more! Here’s a curated selection of 10 easy-care pine trees guaranteed to elevate your landscape and … Read more

10 Best Plants to Grow Beneath Pine Trees

Pine trees, with their majestic stature and evergreen elegance, are a beloved addition to any landscape. But beneath their sheltering canopy lies a hidden challenge – a realm of acidic soil, dappled sunlight, and fierce competition for moisture from the pine’s own roots. Fellow plant enthusiasts! This isn’t a barren wasteland, but a unique ecosystem … Read more

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Living in a sun-challenged apartment doesn’t have to mean a life devoid of vibrant greenery. Forget the south-facing window myth! The plant world offers a surprising bounty of botanical beauties that thrive in low-light conditions. These aren’t your wilting violets (though, those can thrive in lower light too!). Here’s your guide to 15 stunning low-light … Read more

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Imagine stepping into your bathroom – not just a functional space, but a tranquil haven. Lush greenery thrives amidst the gentle steam, transforming your routine into a spa-like experience. Believe it or not, this isn’t a fantasy! Several houseplants flourish in the humidity and low-light conditions typical of bathrooms, offering a touch of nature’s serenity … Read more

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid OF Squash Bugs

Summer. Sun-drenched days, vibrant blooms, and…squash bugs? These shield-shaped, sap-sucking villains can quickly turn your dreams of a bountiful squash harvest into a wilting nightmare. But fear not, fellow veggie enthusiasts! Before you reach for the chemical sprays, let’s explore some natural, eco-friendly ways to outsmart these squash-loving scoundrels and reclaim your garden paradise. Demystifying … Read more

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For many home gardeners, the joy of cultivating cabbages can be overshadowed by a tiny green menace – the dreaded cabbage worm. These munching caterpillars, offspring of the cabbage moth, can wreak havoc on your precious crops, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Fear not, fellow veggie enthusiasts! Before you reach for chemical sprays, let’s … Read more